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Custom Calendar Printing

Share memories and more

Creating the perfect calendar for any occasion just got easier. When you work with Minuteman Press of Deer Park, you’ll take advantage of year-round marketing potential that will help your clients and stakeholders stay organized and plan events, all while being exposed to your key messages 24/7/365!

Our custom calendar printing options include:
• A wide selection of custom sizes, large and small
• Incorporation of images, coupons, QR codes and more
• Creating an original design or choosing from a variety
of unique templates

Aside from helping people plan schedules and stay organized, calendars also serve as a reminder about special events and promotions offered by your company or organization throughout the year.

Give clients a friendly reminder about special deals and more, without being intrusive, with custom calendar printing from Minuteman Press.

Bring in your own design or work with our professional marketing team to create the custom calendar that’s right for your company.

• Tips
• Use calendars to celebrate employee anniversaries, events or sales specials
• Incorporate images that are meaningful to your business
• Invite clients to send in photos with your products, and incorporate them
• Feature signature shots of employees to celebrate their contributions to your business
• Finishing Options
• Custom design development or fill-in template options
• Incorporation of logos, photos or other images
• Shapes and sizes to suit your needs
• Special options like adhesive padding, custom papers and unique designs