Training Manual & Workbook Printing

Create the tools they need to succeed

While hiring the best people for the job is a key factor in your company's success, what's equally important is that they have the knowledge and tools available to them to advance your organization's goals. To make sure everyone is ready and up to speed, your training activities should have interactive manuals and workbooks,

At Minuteman Press of Deer Park, we'll help you design and develop training materials that will help your employees know and understand exactly how you do business.

Our services include:
• Professionally printed manuals and materials
• Corresponding materials like tests and quizzes
• Bonus items like online content or CD/DVD study

Whether you have a training manual that needs to be updated or would like to start from scratch, you can turn to the team at Minuteman Press for all of your training manual and workbook printing. We'll help you every step of the way to develop each component of your project, helping you emphasize the most critical parts of your training process.

Minuteman Press is proud to put more than four decades of marketing experience to work for you. If you need to develop materials that truly educate your team, work with us for your training manual and workbook printing.

• Tips
• Use a variety of teaching methods
• Offer additional resources like presentations or videos
• Test your training content with pop quizzes and tests
• Create the perfect educational solution by offering a mix of online and printed materials
• Motivate your team with custom certificates of completion or specialty promotional materials

• Options
• Professionally-bound custom manuals and texts
• PowerPoint slide and presentation development
• Posters and signs promoting every learning opportunity
• Booklets and pamphlets
• Promotional items to reward a job well done
• Online activities like digital turn-page ePublications to enhance the learning experience