Direct Mail Statistics Show B2B Mailings are Still Effective

Marketing with Direct Mail

The talk in marketing these days is all about social media, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or about a thousand other niche sites.

However, the death of “snail mail” marketing has been highly exaggerated. In fact, direct mail statistics show that self-mailers, letter packages, and catalogs are still relevant and effective for B2B mailers.

Marketing Sherpa recently released a chart that shows that direct mail is still considered an important part of any B2B marketing campaign. It may not have the “flash” of the latest social media trend, but it works.

Marketing Sherpa

Of the 1000+ B2B marketing professionals surveyed by Marketing Sherpa, 79% found direct mail to be either effective or very effective. Some sectors find direct mail especially useful to their business; 34% of business services organizations in the study found direct mail very effective. However, only 13% of companies in the business technology categorized direct mail in this way.

The key to success in B2B direct mail is relevance. In the direct mail statistics above, companies in business technology probably find that direct mail isn’t the best way to educate their customers about their products. However, companies that focus on business services find that their customers respond to direct mail. By understanding your customers and how they want to connect with you and learn about your products and services, you can decide how direct mail will fit into your overall marketing strategy.

Also, technology is making it easy for you to harness the power of direct mail. Our March 3rd blog post focused on variable data printing, which allows for customization of direct mail during the printing process based on your customer database, allowing you to send the right message to the right person.

Direct mail can be an important part of a larger marketing strategy, connecting email marketing, direct mail marketing, and website marketing through personalized URLs and custom content so that your customers can get the information they need in the medium they are most comfortable with.

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