Direct Mail Helps Franchisees With Local Branding

Direct Mail Helps Franchisees With Local Branding

Direct Mail Helps Franchisees With Local Branding

Case Study


A fast-growing franchise company with more than 400 locations worldwide was experiencing difficulty convincing their franchisees to implement local marketing efforts. The company utilized Minuteman Press’ Web to Print Customer Portal system, that allowed their franchisees to easily select, customize, and order materials online, but the company president felt the franchisees didn’t understand the value of marketing since they weren’t using the Portal as much as he had hoped and wanted to ensure the brand was being consistently marketed in all locations.


In order to help this company assist their franchisees with local marketing, Minuteman Press implemented a centralized direct mail campaign that dramatically reduced marketing costs for the franchisees. We designed new direct mail postcards and personalized them for each franchise location using variable printing. We even printed and mailed them for each franchisee into their local market. All they had to do was provide us with their location contact information and prospect mailing list by a specified date. Then we printed and mailed the piece for all locations.


The first direct mail piece Minuteman Press produced was sent to 21,000 names—many more than the combination of names the individual franchisees were marketing to on their own. The convenience of not having to manage their own local marketing made this program very attractive to the franchisees, and helped the company consistently keep its brand name in the marketplace.