Marketing With a QR Code Helps Drive Sales

Marketing With a QR Code Helps Drive Sales

Marketing With a QR Code Helps Drive Sales

Case Study


A property renovation and management company recently purchased a vacant condominium building and they needed to get it occupied with residents as fast as they could. The property is located in an ocean front community and all marketing efforts are focused on highlighting its luxurious waterfront apartment homes and beautiful views. The company’s director of marketing and sales wanted to find a way to drive prospects to their website to experience the beautiful photography of the apartment community.


To help increase the number of leases at this property, we proposed an integrated direct marketing campaign combined with mobile marketing and the use of a QR code. First, we acquired a mailing list of renters based on ZIP code and household income criteria. Then, a direct mail postcard was designed that contained a QR code, trackable toll-free number, and offer to receive a free resident application. The QR code directed recipients to the building’s website where they could view photos and floor plans of the property.


The direct marketing campaign received a 3.2% response rate. Of the 148 responses received, 27 signed annual leases. This represented an 18% sales conversion rate. Estimated gross revenue generated from this campaign was more than $300,000.

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